1. Catalog prices are given in conventional units (US dollars  or Euro).

2. In order to participate in the auction, you must register and receive a bidder number. You can register during the exhibition, by phone or email, as well as on the website of the Dukat Auction House.

3. Bidders wishing to bid online must register at the website of the Dukat Auction House and apply for the auction. Attention! The online participant number is only valid for online bidding.

4. Registration of participants in the hall is ongoing during the auction, online registration is closed 30 minutes before the auction begins.

5. If a registered bidder cannot attend the auction in person, they may bid by phone, online, or leave absentee bid.

6. The organizers of the auction reserve the right to withdraw any lot from the auction without an explanation.

7. The bidding increment during an auction equals to approximately 10 %.

8. Payments for the purchased lots are carried out within seven working days in national currency (UAH) at the average commercial rate on the day of settlement. Discords are between the buyer and the seller. The organizer is not a submitting agent and/or intermediary of the participants and does not act under its own name as a person who sells/buys lots. The placement (publication) of lots on the Dukat website does not include advertising of lots, or public promotion of the sale of lots on the side of the Dukat auction house.

9. Additionally, the buyer pays 10 % of the sale price of the lot as a reward to the auction organizers for the provision of consulting and other services such as examination and preliminary evaluation of the lot, its display, etc. In this part, these rules are an adhesion contract between the organizer and the buyer.

10. The organizers of the auction reserve the right to refuse to register at the following auctions a person who has not bought out the lots they won.

11. Disputes between the participants and the organizers of the auction are resolved by negotiation, or otherwise by transferring the case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration of the Ukrainian Arbitration Association.


Estimate — the approximate market price of the lot.

Starting price — the starting bid amount for a lot.

Absentee bid — an advance offer of a participant regarding the price of the lot’s purchase. The organizers of the auction are obliged to buy the lots specified by the participant at the lowest possible price (taking into account the starting prices and offers made by other bidders). In case the prices offered by different auction participants in absentee bids are the same, the participant whose bid arrived earlier has the right to buy the lot.

Silent auction — bidding that continues from the first day of the pre-auction exhibition. Bids are recorded in the bidding protocol, on the card next to the lot and on the website of Dukat Auction House.