The Silent Auction is an alternative open auction model implemented by Dukat in 2015. The peculiarity of the auction is that it goes without an auctioneer and lasts for several days, during which everyone can bid on the selected lots. The auction takes place both in real and virtual space. Participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the auction selection, to register, to place their bids, and to follow the course of the auction both at the Dukat Gallery and on the website of the auction house. The auction ends at the time announced by the organizers, but bidding for some lots may last longer than the specified deadline, since according to the rules of the Silent Auction, if bids are made for a lot at the time of the auction's conclusion, then 5 minutes is added to every last step, and up to the final bid. Forms of participation in the auction: in person in the hall, online, by phone. For more information on the rules of the Silent Auction, click this link.

Silent auction 29.09.2023 - 09.10.2023
SILENT AUCTION No. 15 10.12.2021 - 20.12.2021
SILENT AUCTION No. 12 12.03.2021 - 22.03.2021